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Default Re: What will be the most heartworming story this season?

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
This isn't an "agree to disagree" type debate. You're just completely and spectacularly wrong.

You're making all kinds of declarative statements on what YOU feel, but aren't backed up objective data. Your opinions aren't facts. Remember that.

Take a look at Basketball-Reference's 2012-13 Leaders.

Review the defensive categories.

Kevin Durant is currently:

- #1 in Defensive Win Shares
- #4 in Defensive Rating
- #2 in Defensive rebounds
- #9 in Total rebounds
- #4 in Rebounds per game
- #9 in Defensive rebound %
- #15 in Steals

So, not only Durant not an inept defender due to his supposed lack of size and strength, he's rated one of the best in the game!

Do yourself a favor and review some of the information in the website I've cited. It might open your eyes a bit, and provide you with some factual foundation.

I dont need no skewed report sheet, or twisted facts to see that Durant isnt a good defender. Those stats you just provided are nearly all his rebounding stats, what the hell does that have to do with defense? LOL Defensive Win Shares and Rating? Explain to me what that means, anyways Im going back to watching the actual games to see with my own eyes, because Im telling you right now Durant is not a good defender.
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