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Default Re: i need advice, just found out the girl im sleeping with is pregnant.

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
the girl im friends with but sleeping with is pregnant. my concerns are
1. how do i know its mine, if im unsure how do i go about it for the next 9 months.
2. what do i do from here

i do not want to have a child, and i think she does not either but i could be wrong. any fathers out there or anyone not expecting a baby at a young age have any advice for me? i think the first thing i should do is to talk with her to see what her intentions are with her pregnancy and what i want. BTW this is the girl that was answering ishes questions about a month ago in a thread.

Before she became pregnant was she banging you and some other guy/guys or is it now that she is pregnant you hope she was running trains so that the baby isn't yours and you can walk away from impending responsibility should she forgo an abortion?
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