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Default Re: What will be the most heartworming story this season?

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf

Can you read and comprehend English? Why don't you educate yourself on what the various categories mean instead of talking out of your butt about "skewed stats" that clearly show that KD excels at various aspects of defense.

You don't become #1 in the entire league in Defensive Rating by being lousy at it.

A smart person would just admit they were wrong, and move on. But I doubt you're very intelligent.

The defensive ratings/win shares theory was created by some Dean Oliver guy. It isn't factual it is a theory of percentages and numbers joined together to make sense of a players output and impact on the game. What it wont show in these statistics are things like off the ball pressure, deflections, pressure defense, the ability to body up at the right times, amount of pressure exerted on cutting off the passing lanes etc etc. These are intangibles and things that don't show up on the stats and this is why you clearly don't understand why Durant is not a good defender. He is not a bad one, but he is not at a level of good to great...
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