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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by outbreak
Good to see they haven't fixed the bugs from last years game. When I sign free agents mid season occasionally they sign for say 2mill a year, once their on my roster though they are listed as $0 a season and their contracts expired. Used to do this all the time last year too.
New bug i've found is I'll sign someone as a role player/sixth man then they immediately get angry about not being a starter when they haven't even played a game yet. The used to be happy in the role that they signed up for and only get angry if they've been in it for awhile or you de mote them.

Anyway my association with the cavs is currently

Irving/E'twaun Moore
Waiters/Von Wafer
Zach Randoph/Al Harrington
Roy Hibbert/Tyler Zeller

Line up kills it but Randolph's hogging my cap space. E'twaun moore is a beast in 2013 in this game. I did have Gary Neal and Sjax but had to trade them because they were immediately asking for trades for being role players even though they signed on for that /facepalm

Ewww .. get rid off Randolph and trade him for an expirer and round picks .. houston should do the job since they have more than 10m cap space.

Trade all the guys that you dont like or dont need and keep the core.

I traded like 7-9 players off my team for expirers and got CP3 on my first free agency with the Bobcats. Didnt have to let go of Kemba Walker and Gilchrist, but had to trade Kemba and round picks for Paul George.. I also traded Ben Gordon for Daquean Cook. I know I traded someone for Shawn Marion, but he chose to sign with the Mavs in the 2nd offseason.

SUCKS THEY DONT HAVE D-LEAGUE ANYMORE, that's where I used to drop off my lottery drafted players and call them back up if someone retired from my team.

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