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Default Re: Kenneth Dennis Rodman?

Originally Posted by KungFuJoe
OMG neither guy is anything even remotely close to Rodman. NOTHING! My sister is closer to Rodman than Asik or Faried and I don't even have a sister.

Rodman was ave 18 rebounds a GAME! He grabbed 34 rebounds in a single game! He was also 6'6" and could guard any position on the floor.

Can we just close this thread already???
Dude in terms of rebounding rate Omer Asik has been at the top since his rookie season.Now that he is getting minutes,he is showing what he can do.He cant score to save his life just like rodman but he can pass the ball well just like rodman.He is a very good defender actually one of the best paint defenders this is the difference in their games.Rodman is again very good defender actually he might be the best defender and most versatile.So they are as very close the way they earn their money.

Asik will probably lead the league in rebounds if he continues to get these kind of minutes
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