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Default Re: Ebanks arrested today on suspicion of DUI

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
What does this say about where his focus is as far as the team goes? What's he doing out late on a Thursday night, when there is a game to be played the very next day? What does this say about his conditioning? Is he putting in any effort to maintain a good position to stay on the team?

If you're being paid millions to be a professional, you better be ready to give your entire life to something. People get fired and are not easily hired after a DUI for a very long time. We need him too...its not like he's the last option on a team. He's actually pretty damn good.

When the lakers were focused on winning a championship the year after they lost to the celtics, there was a party thrown where all the players went. Odom had a small glass of wine. Everyone else on that team didn't have a drop of alcohol. If they're focusing on a championship, perhaps these mistakes shouldn't be made. But hey, I was raised in a strict Christian household. Perhaps I'm a bit too old fashioned...

You are EXTREMELY naive if you think these guys don't drink on a regular basis or that it has anything to do at all with winning a doesn't. Now if he was drinking at 3am and they had a noon game, I would say there was an issue......but that was not the case. Dude, I grew up surrounded by Pro athletes, I saw all kinds of stuff, drugs, alcohol, tons of name it.....and I'm talking championship teams, all star players etc... There were even some guys who played their best after drinking all night....and some that played like crap. Most fans don't have the slightest clue as to what really goes on. There are a few books that have been written on several sports that go into this.....but it is even more shocking than even those shocking books go into. What Ebanks did was absolutely nothing.....I totally respect how you were raised, you ARE a good person but need to drop the expectation that any pro athlete is remotely like you...there are very, very few.
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