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Default Re: Week 10 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by Heavincent
I just don't get why Rex refuses to bench Sanchez. Today in the press conference he said "Sanchez gives us the best chance to win", just like he's been saying all season. Obviously he doesn't give us that good of a chance, considering we're at 3-6 and Sanchez has been absolutely atrocious.

Just bench the guy already and bring in Tebow or McElroy. Sanchez brings absolutely nothing to the table. There's nothing impressive about him at all. He has no pocket presence, he can't read a defense, his field vision sucks, and his throws are often wildly inaccurate. What the hell does Rex see in this guy?

It's just so damn frustrating how this franchise refuses to get rid of incompetent players. Sanchez has had more than enough chances. Nobody in the organization ever seems to question Sanchez for some reason, except I'd imagine the players are pissed off that they have to deal with this scrub. But the coaching staff and front office seems to think he still has a chance of becoming good or something. Sorry, but it's time to admit that he's not our guy. Unfortunately, Rex seems to be in denial of that fact.

I used to think Sanchez had potential too. In his first 2 seasons, he actually had poise in the pocket and he could throw the deep ball way better than he can now. His game has deteriorated since 2010, and I don't understand why.

If I recall, Rex is the one who wanted Sanchez and therefore is responsible for trading up to get him. He probably feels he is now tied to Sanchez, for good or for worse. If he benches Sanchez, then he's admitting that the franchise QB they traded up (giving up 4 picks was it?) for was a mistake. The two are attached at the hip unfortunately.

Well, as bad as your offense has been, at least you guys got company now...the Giants have STUNK the past several games...
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