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Default Re: When Did Dwyane Wade Become So Hated?

Not saying it's deserving, but people have been "hating" Wade for a while now, at least on this board. Where have you been

I just don't like hid change in attitude since the "Big Three Era." Players flop, so whatever, but he does whine a whole lot which is annoying to see. But, like I said, whatever. I just don't really like the whole injection of mild arrogance in his personality since Bron and Bosh came to town. He was much more humble before, it seems the humility that came with being a perennial first round exit after that sole championship in 2006 has escaped him.

I personally don't hate him though. Great player, Top 4 SG of all time. Probably declining now, but I think people overreact game-to-game way too often. When he has a 30 point game we will hear "Wade is BACK," and when he scores 14 points there will be "Wade is DONE," threads everywhere.

It's two weeks into the season people. Calm the **** down.
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