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Default Re: When Did Dwyane Wade Become So Hated?

i hate wade because he literally threw away his career to becomes lebrons side kick

who bends over backwards and lets a ringless bum come to your team and take it right out of your hands. then turn you from an mvp candidate 1st team all nba player into a washed up 3rd team all nba 20ppg ( if lucky ) scrub of epic proportions with nothing to show for it except a ring that everyone will just say lebron won on his own anyway because he cant stay healthy anymore since not having to work hard anymore means more time to sit on the couch like a lazy sack of sh*t and eat burgers and milkshakes which never seem to go anywhere except his tits and his jaw instead of giving him any protein needed to work out or even run.

r.i.p the pan
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