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Default Re: 2012-2013 Power Rankings

Edition Three: Half-Assed

1. D.R.A.K.E. (14-4-0) - Please, someone challenge me, this is too easy, no Lowry, no problem, another massacre that was locked up by mid week. Will it be sizz? Let's be real, no.

2. DZW (11-7-0) - Maybe there is something to this capitalized abbreviated team name, or maybe me and DZW are the only intelligent people in the league, you be the judge, either way, another win for the Zealot over a game opponent in iamgine. Poor Diaper Dandies going to take it this week.

3. Mistadobalina (12-5-1) - This feels wrong but noone has exposed him yet and tons of people have looked like shit, so this is where he goes. His guard play has turned out better than expected, and he did dump his corpses early, which will help greatly, still a team with severe flaws though, just not as flawed as the shitters everyone else is showcasing. Maybe STAT can restore order, but I'm not holding my breathe.

4. iamgine (10-8-0) - A tight loss to DZW is something to be respected, if you can get 4 categories out of known schedule trouble spots, you are doing well for yourself. Team still looks solid and he should get a boost by slaughtering Go Cows! this week.

5. Keep Floatin' (9-8-1) - Pretty disappointing effort allowing Sky to run the show, and after taking on the Dandies in Week 1, this seems like the only test of the year has been a loss. Long term potential of the team still looks playoff worthy and James Harden should rebound, should crush Team OJ Mayo or else changes will be needed.

6. Rameek Soul Crusher (11-7-0) - Hard to argue with two wins, after facing a lot of heat, the easiest way to get silence is to produce and that's what Rameek has done. A pretty convincing win over PLRs sets up another solid test with Truth in Week 3, if he can grab another W, sleeper alert status will be official.

7. Ovinton J'Anthony (8-10-0) - Moves down despite a 5-4 victory because it's the Dandies and this should have been a clear rebound week, still has strong playoff ambitions but may find himself in a little bit of a hole if his week 3 opponent Sky is for real.

8. Milicic Mafia (7-11-0) - I won't hold it against you too much for getting throttled by me yet again. In life, there are people who have your number, I think we're at this point in Fantasy Basketball. Solid team who might struggle to find a win in Week 3 versus an underestimated Soul Crusher squad.

9. Big Poppa PUMP (8-10-0) - Another week, another close loss in an upset. This should be a team that stays around the 7-9 range and threatens a late season push, but close losses won't get it done. Week 3 vs the Minnesota White Boys is now a must win if this team is to garner any respect.

10. sizz (10-8-0) - Still not crazy about it, but pulled away late on Sunday for a win over what is looking like a league doormat. Activity and desire still very much in question, along with major concerns about team composition, doesn't get any easier with a Week 3 match with League Champ D.R.A.K.E.

11. Team OJ Mayo (9-9-0) - Earned himself a bit of respect with a nice 6-3 win over the MWB this week. Still major concerns about the depth of his roster, managerial add/drops, and whether or not the necessary adjustments can be made, but for this week, it was a solid performance worthy of getting out of the basement. Has a chance to get some more love if a Week 3 victory can be secured.

12. Diaper Dandies (7-11-0) - Actually a really good week overall given context of the situation but losses move you down and it again highlights that wins are going to be real tough to come by for the first 4-6 weeks of the season. Absolutely critical that the Dandies avoid the 8-1 type blowouts, but that may be tough with DZW on the schedule next week. If healthy, a playoff contender.

13. Minnesota White Boys (5-13-0) - Blowout losses to OJ Mayo and Sky have to be damn near rock bottom for Vapid. In desperate need of some of his injuries to return, this could get ugly faster than it improves. No pleasant way to spin this mess, this team is awful right now.

14. Go Cows! (4-14-0) - A beatdown from a weaker team, his second massacre of the year, and a strong opponent staring at him in Week 3. A lack of activity, and possibly an inability to adjust loom over this roster. Welcome to Premier dunksby, a 14th place finish and a trip back to the Minors is staring back at you.
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