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Default Re: Mike D'Antoni signs a four-year deal with the Lakers

Originally Posted by Toizumi
It's not the ideal signing, but it'll do wonders for their offense.

If it all comes together, they'll be the no.1 contender by the end of the season.
Nash running the floor and playing the pick and roll with Dwight and Pau, with Kobe on the wings? Crazy.
Don't forget that those fun Suns teams that were poor defensively, had some great defensive players (Bell and Marion) that knew their role in the offense. If Artest doesn't shoot corner threes all day and focusses on defense, this team can be great. The Suns biggest issue back then was their post defense, but with Howard and Gasol, they have two smart defensive players who can lock down the paint. I wouldn't be surprised if this team wins it all.

I hate the Lakers with a passion...but if D'antoni unleashes their offensive power...and with his 2 big men...this team will be something special.

That is one thing that D'Antoni hasn't been able to have...solid younger athletic men in the middle.

I'm excited to see this..
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