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Default Re: Mike D'Antoni signs a four-year deal with the Lakers

Originally Posted by elementally morale
Something tells me your frustration will get to a whole new level if he wins it all the LA.

(I said if, not when.)
Not really. I would actually be happy if he wins it all. I actually like the Lakers (even though it's fun to laugh at them fail) and them winning means Miami won't win it all so I'm fine with it.
Give me Lakers-Heat or Lakers-Celtics finals. I'll surely cheer for the Lakers.

Of course I wouldn't cheer for them against my Knicks but even despite 4-0 start I doubt we can get to the Finals.
So in short,I wouldn't have anything against Lakers winning it all this season.

But I can guarantee you it won't happen. Not as long as D'Antoni is their coach.
Do you really think Lakers can outrun Miami ? Even when they are trying to play halfcourt I still think the Heat would beat them. If those oldies try to get into the open court battle with LeBron and Wade they are going to get murdered. Raped. Pick a word. It will get ugly.
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