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Default Re: Mike D'Antoni hired as new Lakers head coach!

Originally Posted by Blue&Orange
As a knick fans all i have to say is good luck Lakers

Today, in just one quarter, i repeat in just one quarter, the Knicks have more off-ball movement, screens being set, plays being runned than in 3 full season with D'Antoni. No i'm not exaggerating.

There's a reason D'Antoni "system" is the ssol, because after 7 seconds defenses are set and he is completely clueless on what to do, and is all up to the PG to come up with something.

I'm laughing, Phil Jackson is laughing, lakers fans won't believe what i'm saying, just like i didn't believe suns fans warnings when the Knicks hired him.

Hope Gasol can shoot threes.

I feel for you guys, cause you have Nash, and he is going to mask D'Antoni incompetence until it's too late.

No seriously

Agreed. I always tried to give D'Antoni the benefit of the doubt, but he is incompetent. For all that offensive genius, Knicks looked LOST on offense until the moment they got the Asian Steve Nash to run the offense. Knicks look MUCH better offensively under Woodson, with an actual gameplan, players setting screens and better ball movement. And the defense is worlds better under Woodson so far.

For Laker fans, get used to word "good". That's D'Antoni's favorite word.
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