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Default Re: Cousins calls Sean Elliot immature, after waiting for him after the game butthurt

Originally Posted by steve
It's that he waited over a half hour after the game (from the sound of it, not even going back to the lockerroom) to basically yell at Elliott for criticizing him. Most players have enough common sense not to do something like this and there have behavioral complaints about Cousins in the past, but it needs to be reinforced that players can't do things like this. The league can't take a chance on something like this because there's the possibility that it could escalate into a physical altercation and then they'd have actual criminal charges on their hands.
Yep, I'm guessing the NBA wouldn't be too pumped about setting a precedent suggesting it's okay for players to verbally or physically confront color analysts after games because they did not appreciate being criticized.

Separately, I'm wondering who informed Cousins directly after the game of what Elliott said on the air. And why is the idea of not talking premature trash being taken so offensively? "How dare he object to my obnoxious suggestion that I may soon defeat my opponent with great zeal?"
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