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Default Re: Mike D'Antoni hired as new Lakers head coach!

The only way this works is:

- trade Gasol (expires next year) and Duhon's expirer for Bargnani (expires in 2015) and Calderon (expires this year, lose him for nothing if not traded to a team) [doubt this happens]

- sign Delonte West and Kenyon Martin (for defensive assurances because D'Antoni's incompetent ass will not be preaching any type of effective defense)

- Dwight and Artest anchor the defense in a way that compensates for the shortcomings Nash and D'Antoni will have.

Seriously. Someone answer this for me. Lakers biggest issue has been transition defense, even a bigger issue than their bench production. So you implement a system that BAITS the opposing team to RUN on any chance they have against you hit or miss, and somehow expect that to HELP your slow-reacting players outside of Dwight (who isn't 100% conditioned yet) on defending in transition against quicker teams AKA 80% of the league?

Someone please riddle me that
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