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Default Re: Mike D'Antoni hired as new Lakers head coach!

Originally Posted by swi7ch
You keep saying he had DPOY and that didn't do anything to help D'Antoni. I"m saying that didn't do anything because the Knicks quit on him. The Knicks aren't the Lakers. Chandler isn't Howard. So it still remains to be seen what he can do with a DPOY anchoring his defense.

Also, did you all really think the triangle offense would be a great fit for Nash and Howard?
Why are disregarding the fact that the players literally quit on a coach? Are you saying that the Lakers are incapable of this? Are you stupid? Where have you been the last 3 years? We quit on Phil Jackson in the Dallas series. Abandoning the triangle completely and his defensive philosophies on route to a sweep. And this same Laker teams was a couple of games away on quitting on Mike Brown. Are you saying that this same Laker team wouldn't quit on a coach that has a history of being quitted on? Can you not grasp the logic here are you just that determined to make an ill-advised point?

I can understand Nash, but Howard? The triangle utilizes post, pinch post and PNR. It's fucking called triple post offense you testis-fucker. It's the perfect systematic offense for Howard where the offense is obliged to him and his strengths in the post and the 2/5 PNR. Can you also not comprehend such basic basketball knowledge?

Nash? The triangle also utilizes the point-guard as a spot-up shooter. Something Nash is great at. But at the same time, the triangle was basically set for people with the lack of an individual offensive talent. The triangle is only run in the beginning of each half and sometimes the first 4-5 minutes of the fourth quarter, dependent on the situation at hand (bench production, score, etc etc). It's called the break offense, where the team breaks out and free-forms. Basically what the team has been doing the last two games, they have been doing the entire Phil Jackson coaching regime, only for spurts. The Lakers have done throughout their 5 championships with Jackson. Breaking the triangle, and playing more PNR with Bryant/Shaq/Gasol/Odom, transition play, and really whatever the hell Bryant wants. Kobe Bryant himself dubbed this as "playoff ball". The same was done for Jackson's Bulls where Michael would break the offense and do his shit, dubbed "Jordan Ball". The same for Nash, he would basically get any opportunity to break the triangle play the PNR, a choice that was even given to him by Brown, right before his injury.

I appreciate that you're trying to find some good out of this, but there really isn't. Phil Jackson was basically the safe and best bet, and even he doesn't really guarantee a championship. D'Antoni? We aren't even talking finals, let alone conference finals. It's a long road ahead, and I'm not looking forward to it. Go Lakers, but fuck.
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