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Default Re: rt's best 101 PS3 & 360 games

great list. i see that youre very fond of the uncharted series. i thoroughly enjoyed the first til about mid end when it became too repetitive. the second was great, but i just wasn't in love with it like most. the third was definitely my favorite out of the series. unfortunately, none of them would have made my top 20 if i were to compile a list. great series, but it never really grasped me as other titles.

underrated games that i didn't see on your list.

toy story 3 - no seriously, i had fun with this game.
enslaved - great story with a great ending.
darksiders - rip off of zelda and portal, but sooo good. (cant wait to play darksiders 2)
rayman origins - best platform this gen imo
lost odyssey - best jrpg this gen
halo odst - i seriously loved the campaign more than 3 and reach. haven't played 4 yet
castlevania: lords of shadow - i enjoyed this more than god of war 3
flower - favorite psn game. very cute and unique
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