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Default Re: LOL! Mike D'Antoni Couldn't Even Handle Melo's Ego. No Chance, with Kobe and Lakers!

Originally Posted by Foster5k

Same coach that had Melo, Amare, Lin, Chandler, Novak, etc and still got swept in first round. Still had major locker room problems. Still was given zero respect. Still had no defense. Chandler even joked he was the only guy on the team playing D. Face it... terrible hire and will end very bad.

Doesn't matter if he had the players. The players don't respect this guy and never will. Melo showed this guy the door once he started trying to "coach".

Kobe is going to eat this guy for lunch.
he didn't have lin novak or chandler in the playoffs when they played boston and amare and billups were injured
try again
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