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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

WTF is wrong with our Ownership.....did Jerry let Jimmy make the decision again?
And why the rush to sign him? Why not continue negotiating with Phil for the rest of the week.....D'Antoni just had surgery and can't coach for 10 days.
This reminds me of the idiotic rush to sign Mike Brown. And WHY OH WHY 4 year did that work last time???
This guy is to Defense what Mike Brown was to Offense
Did ownership forget that the Showtime Lakers focused on defense and rebounds in addition to running?
An older Nash and Kobe cannot fly up the court shooting in 7 seconds for a season without fading in the 4th and in the playoffs.
Geez.....has sanity fled this organization?
Ugh.....I don't know who makes worse head coaching Raiders, My Dodgers or my Lakers......yeah, it's that bad. ....UGH!!!!!!!!!
There is a reason D'Antoni has never been to the NBA finals.
I would've given Phil anything he wanted except part ownership....and would've extended the negotiation.......I'm so very pissed!!!

Wow......Just heard Stephen A. Smith rail on the selection of D'Antoni worse than I just did.....he added some big time facts....D'Antoni's teams were always in the bottom 4 in the league in defense,
Skip just called it a disaster of a signing. They said they are sure Jimmy made the decision.
They are blowing up the signing worse than I did.
Apparently Steve Kerr tried to get D'Antoni to coach some defense and he said he'd rather leave than he goes to N.Y and continues to be in the bottom 4 in defense.
Stephen A. just called Jimmy Buss a problem for the team and said his people tell him the same thing.......just as I have been telling everyone.

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