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Default Grizzlies are legit contenders in the west

Yes, we blew a 27 point home court lead in the playoffs along our way to losing to the clippers in 7 games in the first round. Yes we are only 6 games into the season. But whether people want to admit it or not, the grizzlies should not be a surprise if they make it out of the west.

Do not be ignorant like most the heat fans on here and say it was just luck. The grizz would have still beat the heat even if all the 3s the grizz made were actually 2s. Heat shot 18 more fts , got multiple phantom calls,and still lost. People act like it is not possible that the grizzlies actually owned wade the whole game. Instead they will say that he just played like garbage. But this thread isnt about the game last night.

People said zbo and gay could not play together, and they have proved that is bullsh1t. The grizz core has been together for 4 years now and have real chemistry. They play some of the grittiest, toughest defense in the league. They have a top 3 frontcourt, great floor general, and the best perimeter defender in the league.

The grizzlies never really had a problem with the starting 5. It was the bench that was our main concern. Now let me point out that our bench played like hot garbage on opening night, but now for 5 games straight they have been playing incredible. They play with the same defensive tenacity as the starters and can put up points as well. As much as oj has looked good in dallas, he did not fit into the style that we play. And as the bench has been showing ojs points have not been missed.Picking up Bayless and Ellington both for less $$$ than oj has been great so far. Bayless can actually handle the ball and score, Ellington has bought into the team concept and has learned how to play D. He obviously can shoot as well, Pondexter is an excellent defender and 3 pt shooter, and Mo speights has one of the best jumpers on the team. Once Darrell Arther gets back, we will have the athletic/shot blocking big we are needing. DA also has a jumper and can go to the hole.

Now am i saying the grizzlies are winning it all this year ?? NO!!! Im not even guaranteeing that we make it deep into the playoffs. But the grizzlies are a legit team who everyone should fear and not sleep on.

End rant
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