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Default Re: Ever been in an altercation/argument/fight during pick up game?

Not the same, but were playing football(soccer) in some league and were practicing. We were short on numbers to play against each other and decided to go against these other guys, who seemed cool at first.

So couple of minutes after the start theres this guy defending me and I was shooting/kicking from long range and he goes with his leg open/straight/boots to my knee. Shit hurt like hell but I let it slide cause I thought it was an accident. That dude sucked @ football. Some words-no big deal. One thing that bothered me that he was laughing, how he just "destroyed" me.
I was intense.

Next time, 5 mins later I was standing and receiving the ball and dude just hammers me at full sprint, and my team mates just went crazy on the guy, some guy start showing, because all of opponents were kind of similar, some weak punches thrown, but no fights. Hate those fa6s.

Best part is that were playing against them in 2 weeks. Gonna fkin kill them.
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