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Default Re: The reason "everyone" hates Wade....

Originally Posted by Eat Like A Bosh
I used to like Wade, but lately he's just been a jackass. Since Post Decision. It's been really hard to like this guy.

Let's see,
  • Makes fun of Dirk for being sick in the 2011 Finals
  • Throwing Mike Bibby's shoe
  • Saying I won't play in the Olympics cause they don't pay, and that Olympic players should be paid
  • Breaking Kobe's nose in a fricking All Star Game
  • Dislocating Rondo's Elbow

All Punk moves by D-Wade.
The only one of those moves that I can psonally get behind is throwing Mike Bibby's shoe. That's just a good veteran move.

I'd also like to say that Wade is right about the Olympics not paying as they make millions off of basketball, and more specifically team USA. However, refusing to play because they don't pay is a bitch move. If he had just said it I would have completely been able to support it, but not playing makes it a bitch move.
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