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Originally Posted by GOBB
So what would you have preferred instead? They walk in and pretend to guard the store. Then suddenly pull guns on everyone. Standoff, swat teams wins out. They retrieve whats inside the wall and then leave? You set up the scene for us. Curious how you wanted it to go down. Because that thing in the wall had to be retrieved by the terrorist and the one guy was on to it as we saw.

To me it basically went like this.

The CIA moved in on the store to search for anything suspicious. Nazir's group had vision on the store through the camera that we see the pseudo swat team carrying the case out of the store at the end of the scene.

They were likely sitting back, watching through the camera hoping the CIA didn't find the case and left so they didn't have to do anything. It wasn't there plan to attack anyone in that store.

Instead that guy Quinn started knocking on the wall the case was in. Whoever was watching the camera saw and let the emergency response team know so they can move in and take the case before the CIA could find it.

That attack was a drastic plan B measure to the Plan A of sitting back hoping the CIA didn't find the case and left.
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