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Default Re: What Trades should the Lakers make?

Originally Posted by knickswin
EXACTLY Pau is exactly Mike's type of guy. Mike and Pau will love each other. They will have dinner together after the games, their families will have barbecues together, Mrs. D'Antoni and Pau's mother will sit at the games together, Mike will probably at some point give a press conference and choke up about how great Pau is (see: Mike talking about Jared Jeffries . . .)

Pau will not shoot threes, but he can space the floor well enough and he knows how to be a garbage man. plus Pau will be great at isolating within the ssol philosophy.

Pau is a great, great fit for Mike. only guy I would worry about is Kobe.

Yup. Nash+ the bigs will be great. Kobe is the X-Factor to a Mike D system because he needs to play off the ball mostly.
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