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Originally Posted by adamcz
They had 26 wins last year, and added just Speedy Claxton and Shelden Williams while losing Al Harrington. Now you're predicting 12 extra wins? Why do I feel like we won't see this prediction repeated by many others around here and in the national media?
for starters last year we had
-2 second year starters
-1 guy drop dead right before the season
-our best player learning a new role and adjusting to being the man
-the youngest team in the league

all of which contributed to us starting 2-16. If you forget that start we won .375 which carries out to 31 wins over a season.

Secondly, our offense was more than adequate last season. What killed us was defense. We had three starters in Lue - Harrington - Pachulia (well Lue played the starter minutes) who played ZERO D. That's a disaster. harrington is gone, Smith or Shelden will be taking over at PF, and Speedy will be taking over at PG. Our D will be way better, which leads me to believe we will be a better ball club. Al scores, but he is highly inefficient.

Even this past year, when he was out, we scored way more than when he was playing.

After defense, our next two biggest problems were that we didn't run the break enough, and we didn't get to the line enough. Speedy and Shelden will help in both areas.

Factor in the joshes improving and Marvin getting used to the NBA, I have little doubt that we will win 35+ the question is where we will be in the 35-45 range. So again, I'll go with 38. What's your prediction for us?
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