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Default Re: Dwade da Gawd copping unfair criticism

I think Kobe's as real as it gets. His attitude is open and isn't malleable. He never tried to appease the media and he never tried to be something he's not.

I also respect guys like him and AI who will play once they can walk. I saw the dude twist severely sprained ankle and come out and play the next a regular season game. That particular breed of superstar is dying out.

The final thing is I see people saying without Shaq he didn't do this, without Pau ( who I love but C'mon). Watch some of those games, watch the series against San Antonio and against Sacramento Kobe pre-2004 deserves more respect than that.

I have to admit, I really never had anything against Wade off the court, but I have a problem with him on the court so I'm more prone to being annoyed by what he does off it.

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