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Default Re: rt's best 101 PS3 & 360 games

Originally Posted by Bucket_Nakedz
rayman origins - best platform this gen imo
lost odyssey - best jrpg this gen

I was gonna mention these two, both great games. Couple others I think deserve mention.

Amped 3 - I think this may have been a launch title. Also happens to be probably my favorite snowboarding game.
Super Meat Boy - hard and addictive platformer.
Bastion - amazing game, all that needs to be said.
Crackdown - Recently had the urge to play this again, game was a ton of fun to mess around in.
Viva Pinata - I've put more time into this game then perhaps I'd like to admit. As silly as the concept is, it was actually pretty fun, and probably Rare's last good game.
Guitar Hero 2 & 3 - There's something about rhythm games I really enjoy, and I put a good amount of time into both of these.
Journey - Beautiful game, although really short.

I'm sure there's plenty of others I'm missing.
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