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Default Re: Mike D'Antoni fits with Lakers (ESPN Insider article)

If I was D'Antoni, I'd do everything in my power to get Nate McMillan as my assistant to help drill home defensively concepts to the team. And I would ask the players what parts of the Princeton offense did they feel was effective, so that when the game is slowed down, the players can operate in a half court setting.

I'm reading everywhere that Jerry Buss (not Jim) wanted and has always wanted the Lakers to return to his Golden Age Lakers, the up-tempo Showtime Lakers. That he thinks that the 87 and 88 Lakers were able to play run and gun despite some of their players ages (like Kareem), and that even though Magic wasn't a good defender (like Nash), Kareem was there to clean up alot of his mistakes (like Dwight). He's banking on this team being able to reflect the basic dynamics of his favorite Lakers.

Someone needs to tell him he's banking on the wrong side of history
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