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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
I think i am ok with the Mike D'Antoni signing.

Phil reached and thought the lakers were freaking needy to go to him and Dr Buss B1tch slapped him. I trust Dr Jerry Buss, Mitch & Jim buss(after this summer) more now then last year

Phil Wanted:
Stake in ownership or 10-12 mil
wanted to coach only home games
wanted to have a say in personal moves the lakers were making.

basically Phil wanted Jim/Mitch to hand him the key to the franchise. Which i say Fcuk NO.

Mike D is talking about bringing Nate Mcmilan as his top assistant and planning on retaining Chuck P & Steve Clifford. Which is a good idea

I would like to see this before giving my opinion on this.

I trust in Jerry Buss.

I get where you are coming from HOWEVER......
How much money has Phil meant to this Lakers franchise?

Stake in ownership....I would say no to anything above 1% at the point that we have pushed all our money into the center of the table.....what's the big deal to pay him even up to $20 million a year? Is he less valuable than Kobe?
Pau is getting $18 million this HE worth more than PJ
Better yet, coaches salary doesn't count against the Pau is really costing us $36 million....and we don''t want to pay Phil?????

Phil not coaching the road games? I don't think it makes much difference as long as the assistant knows the system and Phil was coaching all Playoff games. Phil is 1000000000 x > 'Antoni ( No D ).
This is like turning down sleeping with Kim Kardashian for 6 months out of a year in favor of sleeping with Rosie O'Donnell for the full year

Having a say in team this really a problem? He has always had a say in his own way, he didn't like rookies so we drafted and he wouldn't play them RIGHT. So he had control in his own way.....what is the real problem here? He want's to get players he can actually use???? Do you think he would seek out Smush Parker and Kwame to come back in trades??? What's the worst that could happen??? he'd bring back Luke, that's just 1 guy.

I trust in Jerry Buss too.....but Jerry didn't do this...this is clearly a Jimmy move.

What I see happening is that within 2 years 'Antoni will be out and we will be paying him $$$ for nothing just like we are paying the remainder of Brown's contract EXACTLY AS I SAID WE WOULD from the day we signed him.

3 years from now we will be paying 'Antoni, Brown and the next coach who comes is that cost effective???

I mean damn, there were good viable candidates out there who would've better fit this team.....hell, Dunleavy would have even been better.
At least 'Antoni does know basketball and is not an idiot...but his ideas will never be successful in the NBA and will most likely lead to a Dwight exit after the season. We will not catch Boston in titles....not anytime soon.

I have loved my Lakers since 1960 and this is the biggest fiasco since the Shaq trade.....maybe biggest ever considering how freaking much talent we have.

I took a whole ton of heat when I said this about Mike Brown, I expect to take even more heat about this now.......but just like with Brown you will all realize that I am right........but hey, at least the team should be exciting.
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