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Default Advice? (Ilyasova, etc.) (How's My First Team?)

Hey guys, just started my first fantasy league, was seeing if I could get some early season advice. Our draft was last night, I'm fairly happy with my team, but everyone else's team is pretty stacked as well. The league is H2H with no categories and you can change your line-up daily with typical fantasy points.
PG: Rondo
SG: Monta Ellis
SF: Paul Pierce
PF: Cousins
C: Dwight Howard
G: Lillard
F: Rudy Gay
Utl: Tyson Chandler
Utl: Kevin Martin
Utl: Pekovic
Bench: Wall, Gerald Wallace, Ilyasova

How do you think my team is? Interesting names on the waiver wire are Larry Sanders, Asik, David West, Kaman, and Carl Landry. Any one wanna shed light on Ilyasova's recent struggles and if he's worth keeping instead of these names?
Also, with daily changing lineups is it beneficial to try and play the person with a game that day constantly (might be kind of a dumb question, but what I'm basically asking is if switching my last player for someone else playing would be beneficial).

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