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Default Re: Melo is the league's leading scorer

Originally Posted by RRR3
It's possible but I think you have to remember that Kobe is one of the few players ever to attempt 40+ FG's in a game and he's done it a bajilion times. Just worth remembering. I always am surprised T-Mac didn't have more 50+ games, but he only had one year where he really scored at a legendary level, whereas Kobe has had like 3. Kobe does seem to have more peaks and valleys than anyone else though.

Yeah, I know his production and legacy would be completely different.

I always thought it was amazing that he started racking up a lot of individual awards when he was deep in his career (similar to Malone in a way), so him being the first option from the start and his strong work ethic would be an interesting mix.

And the peaks and valleys you touched upon... Scenarios like 03-04 for example, perhaps don't happen either.
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