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Default Re: Who is the most obnoxious player in the NBA?

Originally Posted by Bandito
You are such a stan is not even funny. Are Kobe and Lebron annoying? Yes. It's you opinion who you think is more annoying but Wade trumps both. Take your stan goggles off...

Also I think Lebron is more annoying than Kobe because he wants to show this Holy figure to his stans to the point he cry in 2010 (with Bosh) about how people hates him . He is the Michael Jackson of the NBA .

Kobe before 2008 was just a melodramatic Hollywood wannabe star.
^mad. Neither of them are close to the most obnoxious anyways, if that makes you feel better. Now go talk to your "Lil MambaŽ" doll about how much I annoy you and how you're going to teach me a lesson.
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