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Default Re: Who is the most obnoxious player in the NBA?

My list of nominees:

Kendrick Perkins
James Harden
Charlie Villanueva
Dwight Howard
Rasheed Wallace (at least not now, but still... could pop off)
Kobe Bryant
J.R. Smith
Josh Smith
Andrew Bynum
DeShawn Stevenson
Chris Bosh
Glen Davis
Raja Bell
Manu Ginobilli
DeMarcus Cousins
Deron Williams
Russell Westbrook
Metta World Peace
Andray Blatche
LeBron James
Paul Pierce
Blake Griffin
Joakim Noah
Chris Paul
Rajon Rondo
Kevin Garnett
Dwyane Wade
Carmelo Anthony
Pau Gasol
Carlos Boozer

Probably the elite NBA star would get the nod because most of seen them, so Kobe, LeBron, Howard, Wade, etc....

But for a guy's that haven't done much in the NBA and have an immature attitude ? Cousins and Stevenson should rank high as well.
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