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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by ZenMaster
Maybe so, but there is a point to calling you and Stephen A out when trying to sell people on stats that are simply not true.

I am saying that the stats ARE true....but as with all stats, they do not tell the whole story.....this is why you have to watch the game and UNDERSTAND what you are seeing other than the obvious........this comes with experience.

We could go back and forth on this but the main point is that he doesn't believe in defense and runs a system that doesn't work in the NBA beyond the early rounds of the playoffs....and that is with personnel that fits his system.....we don't have players to fit his system.......too old, not enough shooters.

I'll say this, just as I did about Brown....I HOPE I am completely wrong and we win multiple championships....I would very happily take all the laughs and critique from you guys.....unfortunately I know better.
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