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Default Re: Week 10 Game Thread and Discussion

If the Chiefs get humiliated tonight, then Scott Pioli will be fired IMO. Clark Hunt cannot just continue to sit by with Pioli.

It's mind boggling how Pioli, part architect of all those amazing Patriots teams has single handedly run the Chiefs franchise into the ground.

Meanwhile, the other guy from those Pats teams, Thomas Dimitroff has turned the Falcons one of the best teams in the NFL.

Dimitroff is young, is willing to do unconventional things (Julio Jones trade) whereas Pioli is too uptight and stuck in his "Patriot" ways.

Pioli has stuck with 2 DE's who cannot rush the passer (Dorsey and Jackson) and he has just cut their second best CB (Stanford Routt), it's just really crazy how badly he's run this team.
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