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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

Originally Posted by poido123
First of all, this is an entirely new situation where Nash has all the pieces around him to win the title. He went close a few times with the suns with inferior talent to this current team, so to say that Nash's/Dantoni's way doesn't work is foolish.

Second of all, Nash for most of his career hasnt had near the talent Kobe has had around him, so your really comparing oranges to apples.

I think one thing people aren't considering is that the Nash and Kobe styles could co-exist, and I have faith it will. It would make them that much more deadly and something the league has never seen before.

I don't think bad of Steve, I just feel this is still a team led by Kobe. They both have almost equal work ethic and its something real special to have two of the greatest leaders of all time in our back court. If only they could both thrive off each other, which is why I feel the Lakers FO hired D'antoni over PJ. Nash just simply won't thrive in the triangle.

Kobe isn't taking a back seat though. This team could have the PHX record and at the same time the Kobe- led playoffs record

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