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Default Re: Kevin Martin Thriving on OKC's Bench

Originally Posted by KG215
First off, you nor anyone knows this right now. Martin currently makes $12M a year. We have no idea if he will be asking for as much or more money after the season. I kind of doubt he will be, and $12M is already less than we would've had to pay Harden. Martin is already 30 years old and probably knows he's not worth $10-$12M a year anymore. If he doesn't, I'm sure Presti won't try to re-sign him and let him walk in the summer.

In all fairness, if he's not worth exactly $10-12 million, he's very close to it. The guy is averaging nearly 18 ppg in about 30 mpg and has a PER of like 25 right now. When you compare his numbers to the numbers of other guy's making $10-12 million at the 2/3 position, it's pretty obvious that he's worth at least $8-9 million a year.
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