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Default Re: Kevin Martin Thriving on OKC's Bench

Originally Posted by Graviton
Clippers would beat Grizzlies with their improved bench. OKC I am not so sure about.

They play the Clippers in 9 days, we will see how the new pieces fit. So far, WB anc CP3 cancel each other out, no one can guard Durant, and Ibaka is actually playing better than Griffin, Martin=Crawford, Bledsoe>Maynor, DJ>Perk. They are equal but OKC has a more unstoppable scorer.

Griffin definitely needs to return to form before the playoffs. If he's mentally broken and passive still and Ibaka keeps up this confidence then yea OKC likely wins unless CP3 has a GOAT level series. I wouldn't say CP3 and Westbrook cancel each other out though. CP3 burns Westbrook and the Thunder the last few years.
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