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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
Media is fcuking clueless as we are...they are just like headless chicken's mutha fcuka's dont know anything....keep on saying...Phil, Phil & Phil

1 thing i learnt is take everything related to "Source" with a bag of salt

I think you might have a point there. If you watch espn, look at how nuts they are going over this. If somebody had no idea who Phil or D'Antoni or nba was, they would think that there is some huge major controversy going. It's obvious that they want to absolutely hype this up and juice it out..

Gotten to the point that some idiots in media manufactured this whole "Phil didn't want to coach any of the away games" and "wanted to control every Laker roster move" and "wanted part ownership" along with other garbage.... where the hell did all that come from?
Phil said they didn't even talk about contract specifics in the Jimmy/Mitch/Phil meeting on Saturday morning. Kurt Rambis also said neither of it is true and was never discussed. Phil's agent said that he went to LA on Sunday evening to negotiate the contract and said that neither of those two things were even talked about. The Lakers did NOT refute anything that Phil/Rambis/his agent said. If they were lying, wouldn't lakers have refuted it by now?

It's obviously somebody in the media made up that nonsense and they all started using it. What a joke.

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