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Magic will not make it. It's easy to go on a little run when you're out of the playoffs and no one expects anything from you.
A "lil run?" Francis gone, Darko and Arroyo in, bam, they've won 10 straight games. That's not a lil run. They were just shy of the playoffs after starting the year thinking about: do we pick Gay, or Aldridge? Darko and DHo mature a year, they add a dead-eye shooter. They have some of the most frontcourt talent in the league.

Their coaching situation is the only thing keeping them out. As it is, I still can't see them missing (probably around 6-7 seed), but their coach really sucks, you might luck out.

But even if they do miss the playoffs, for the sake of argument, you've still traded Darko, a guy who will be a well above average starter at Center at worst for the next 10 years, for a high lottery pick. Not good.
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