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Default Re: Tonight's game vs. Jazz

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Absolutely not. The Jazz have a way stronger post presence and that is crucial to getting to the line.

Not to single you out hassano, because I haven't seen you make this complaint before, but I've heard/seen this complaint from somebody every game.
Yeah I disagree as well. I don't think we lost due to not getting enough calls. We just only really have 2 guys that are capable of drawing a lot of fouls, 3 when Lowry gets back. What I do think though is that Demar loses out on a lot of "respect" calls. I guess on one hand it's good because it causes him to play angry and with a chip on his shoulders but on the other hand he's the guy who wants to draw fouls tries to draw fouls but most of the time doesn't get the calls.

One other observation, Val picks up his 4th foul early in the 3rd quarter and doesn't play another minute. Not in the 4th, and not in ANY of the overtimes. Why would he get nailed to the bench in a game like this? I'd rather have seen him play and foul out if anything.
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