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Default Re: D'antoni & Buss are in a tough situation now.

Jordan Hill, Meeks, Jamison... our bench is underrated because it has been undercoached.
What does that even mean?

These guys are veteran pro athletes. It's on them to be productive. Take good shots, be efficient, rebound, don't turn it over etc. When it comes to teams that don't have a ton of rookies, all the coach needs to do is ensure the right people are on the court. For the Lakers, that's going to be that amazing starting lineup for the most part. But when those backups are called upon, it's on them to produce.

I think everyone is overrating a coach's effect in the NBA. If the Lakers start winning now I'm not going to credit D'Antoni for magically motivating these players. I'll give credit to the already talented players simply putting it together.
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