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Default Re: Celtcis @ Bulls 11/12/12

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
I forgot that some of you want to claim Rondo is just statpadding. There have been assists he's had where he could have He's not even doing that these days. You talk about how he can't score but people that actually watch him know that he's now taking and hitting jumpers. He's averaging 15 points on over 50% from the field along with 13 assists. The idea that Westbrook plays PG better is a joke. He's a scorer that should be at the 2. His "dynamic scoring" frequently keeps Durant from taking over games that he should be. CP3 may still be the better pg but if there's a difference between these two it's a hair's breadth. Performance vs. elite PGs...what? Like we haven't been seeing Rondo play against elite (and other) pgs for years? No one is going to stop his penetration and PGs can do very little abut each other's passing ability. Rondo is on top of the league right now.
I would say last playoffs Rondo is the best PG, currently he is not as aggressive though.
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