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Default Re: Tonight's game vs. Jazz

This was an extremely exciting game. Kind of deflating in a way but yet i'm still happy with how we fought. Crazy that Derozan played 60 mins. He looked gassed in that 3rd OT and with good reason. I jumped out of my chair for that dunk in the 1st OT that was nuts.

The thing that stood out to me is that despite Demar's limitations as a player, he's still the one who demands the ball, wants to take the shot, and continually wants to get better as a player. I still don't think he deserves the contract he got but yet it's hard not to like the guy.

That Al Jefferson 3 was painful as other have said. Huge game by Calderon 50 mins 20/17/3. I can't remember Bargnani doing much of anything much in the 4th and the 3 overtimes aside from that one foul he drew and those FT's.

Val playing 16 minutes in a triple overtime game is as Chambs said.... laughable. Come on Casey.
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