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Default Re: How bad are the Pistons?

Originally Posted by poido123
0-8, guess its time to start playing drummond 30+ minutes a game and see how he develops? They wont be doing anything this season, might as well put the young star out there and give him some minutes. Same goes for Jonas Valanciunas of the Raptors. Today he played the first quarter and part of the second, but never got back in the game in a double overtime? was his injured or minutes capped? Please someone fill me in as I dont see why these two players arent playing a minimum 25 minutes a game.
I don't know the stories because, well, I'm not a part of either organization, but there's so many things that go on behind the scenes on any club, particularly in the NBA. Either of these guys could be seeing limited minutes at this point for any number of reasons.

In Drummond's case, I feel like the options could be (none of which I'm claiming to be true, just possibilities):

1) Unfamiliarity with offensive system
2) Unfamiliarity with defensive system
3) Not in good enough shape to play 25+ at a high level day after day
4) Not providing the type of effort the Pistons staff knows is necessary to survive in the NBA
5) Defensive lapses
6) Silly plays on the court
7) A player in the lineup ahead of him who knows exactly how to operate within his team's system (Maxiell)
8) Coaching staff holding a carrot in front of Drummond to push him to fully accept everything he needs to get done in order to earn his keep in the NBA
9) Mixing and matching lineups to discover what's going to work in terms of teaming up Drummond with Greg Monroe
10) Bringing Drummond off the bench to fill a void in terms of big man bench depth

Personally, I've had the feeling the Pistons do not believe Drummond is quite mature enough to understand and operate as they desire in a big minutes role day in and day out at this point. But again, that's just a shot in the dark. I'm just saying young players not playing is not always as simple as saying, "C'mon, just throw 'em on the floor and see what happens!"
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