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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Chuck Person will never help anyone's defense, it was a joke that Phil let him try. The guy was an incredible shooter but never played an ounce of defense in his entire career......that was like hiring Shaq to teach free throw shooting Brown actuall got that one thing right this year, he had Person working on Dwight's free throw shooting, I always said a legendary shooter like Person should be their shooting coach....nothing else. I'd be happy with a top 10 in defense....I do think we have the potential to be top 5......with the right HEAD COACH, which we don't have.

Good offense to have good defense......yes, that does help but it doesn't do it all, you still have to have aggressive play, strong, active rebounding and great rotations. 'Antoni doesn't give practice time for defense.

Keep your positive attitude I would love to join you but after enduring the idiot coach Mike Brown, this is the last guy I wanted coaching the Lakers, I'm burned out on bad coaching at this point.

top 5 is reaching. Even with tom thibedou i am not sure about that.

I would give it a chance honestly. you never know with hiring of Nate M, Steve Clifford and C Person( the same chuck who jackson once trusted with his own offense)

People change over experience. He hired woodson for defense in NYK.

Not everybody is served on silver plate like Phil who had MJ/Pippen & Kobe/Shaq.

look at pop...what has he won since 2007? we can as might well say the old man has lost it...good team in regular season but gets bounced in playoffs pretty badly....

I am going to have a open mind about this and we will see
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