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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

Just because the system was "unwinnable" in Phoenix doesn't necessarily mean it's an "unwinnable" system. I'm not sure this roster is the best make-up for D'Antoni's system, but it's the most talent his system will have ever had; granted, some of those Suns teams were talented and deep.

But since OP is a Kobe fanboy, and this thread was obviously started with an agenda, Kobe winning a ring this year (even in this "unwinnable system") wouldn't change much unless he was the clear-cut best player in the playoffs. If Dwight is clearly the most important and impactful player during the playoff run, then Kobe's legacy doesn't change a whole lot. Maybe he can make a etter argument for being over someone like Bird, Wilt, or whoever you have at #5 and #6 on your list.

If he has a "turn back the clock" type playoff run ala 2008-2010, he can definitely jump up into top-5 all-time discussion. Not top-3 in my opinion, but he definitely works his way into that Jordan-Russell-Magic-Kareem-Wilt-Bird group.

The caveat "unwinnable system" is just silly. Every system is "unwinnable" until it wins. And every system is heavily dependent on talent.
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