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Default Re: Tonight's game vs. Jazz

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Absolutely not. The Jazz have a way stronger post presence and that is crucial to getting to the line.

Not to single you out hassano, because I haven't seen you make this complaint before, but I've heard/seen this complaint from somebody every game.

haven't noticed it in any other games, guess I was really going through the motions with this one.

as far as Dwane not playing Val, I dunno? maybe to avoid him inevitably fouling the other bigs, but I don't get it considering there was plenty of fouling going on by the other raptors and he only had two left.

also I felt like our offence was a bit one dimensional, albeit Derozan had the hot hand they should have found a way to keep Bargs and Kleiza going in the 2nd half and OTs.

other than that as Bokes said super exciting, if Demar continues to improve he may even be worth his contract.
he said hoping he doesn't go 0 for 11 next game with poor defence
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