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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers(2-5) @ Brooklyn Nets(3-2)

One really interesting sidenote... Dion Waiters was benched during Sunday night's game against the Thunder and no one outside the lockerroom know why.

He was having a pretty good offensive game when he was pulled early in the third with 8 points on 3-of-6 shooting and 4 rebounds.

I'm guessing it was something on the defensive end and Scott wanted to prove a point to the young fella that, regardless of what you're doing on offense, you still have to properly rotate, defend and block-out on the other end. Still, no one in the media has been told why he didn't play from the beginning of the third quarter onward.

He is set to start tomorrow, so it isn't something that will go beyond Sunday's game, but still interesting to see Scott's interactions with Dion tomorrow and how he handles his minutes (usually around 30 a game).

Despite the record, the Cavs have been playing pretty well lately. Well, I should say the starters have been playing well. The bench has been awful.

It should also be noted that Irving/Waiters was the highest scoring backcourt in the league going into the OKC game Sunday in which Dion was pulled. I'm not sure if they are still No. 1, but I think that is pretty amazing given that both guys are 20.

Just for perspective...

Kyrie/Dion = 38.3 ppg
Deron/JJ = 29.6 ppg

And, why do you constantly refer to Kyrie as Kyle? Very odd.
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