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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Phil DID ask for this on his last contract with the Lakers, that is where this came from a fact that was well known and I commented on it a couple months ago in a thread, it was assumed that he would ask for the same thing. It was not made up out of thin air.
Now did he ask for this again.......probably so but not to the point that negotiations should've been cut off. My guess is that Jimmy got drunk and/or pissed off at Jeanie and did the deal in the middle of the night.....why else would he do it at that hour, it's not like anyone was after 'Antoni.
It's the only thing that makes sense because the coach can't even be there for over a week
something i said in the other thread.... it kind of seems like a rush to judgement for coach. they won a couple games it didnt have to be that exact min. if they gave phil until monday i dont get why not wait let that pass. i am not even trying to say it was a wrong move just wrong timing. same thing when brown got hired they were talking to several people. i believe there was others that were going to come in to interview. brown comes in and basically walks out with the job. it seems as if there is no thought process any more. no longer calculated but rash decisions.
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